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On March 27th, the University of Luxembourg published an article about LuxDoc and our activites in the University of Luxembourg newsletter.

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What is LuxDoc ?

LuxDoc a.s.b.l. is a young organization of PhD students and junior researchers. It is open to all PhD students and junior researchers working in Luxembourg as well as to Luxembourgish PhD students and young researchers abroad.

The number of young researchers and PhD students in Luxembourg has considerably grown over recent years. Their contribution in shaping the country’s academic landscape is thus considerable.

However, the concerns and interests of PhD students and junior researchers remained largely unheard. LuxDoc was thus born out of the need to create a representative body which would allow PhD students and junior researchers to engage in ongoing scientific and political debates.

For its members, LuxDoc wants to be a social as well as a scientific exchange platform.

Objectives of LuxDoc

The main objectives of LuxDoc are:

- Represent and defend the interests of PhD students and young researchers in Luxembourg with regards to training, research and career perspectives

-Collaborate with the respective authorities to improve studying and working conditions for PhD students

-Develop and promote scientific culture in Luxembourg

-Provide and create information on topics of interest for PhD students and junior researchers

-Participate in ongoing political and scientific discussions

-Contribute to develop policies regarding higher education and research in Luxembourg

-Facilitate exchange and meetings of PhD students and Luxembourgish and international researchers

-Organize cultural and scientific events for PhD students and young researchers

-Support and assist future PhD students in their training

-Provide career information for young researchers

Recent activities of LuxDoc

Since its official creation in July 2011, LuxDoc has been actively engaged in a number of different activities.  

LuxDoc has succeeded in establishing close contacts with the different scientific institutions in Luxembourg (e.g. University of Luxembourg, Centres de Recherche Publics (CRP), Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR)).

LuxDoc has also expressed its point of view on a range of issues which are of interest to PhD students and young researchers in Luxembourg. In particular, LuxDoc has expressed its opinion in the on-going negotiations around the government bill 6283 modifiant la loi portant création de l’Université du Luxembourg and its corresponding articles on the regulation of PhD training. A delegation of LuxDoc has met with the MP’s of the Parliament’s Commission of Higher Education and Research, bringing forward the organisation’s concerns in this matter. LuxDoc is also currently building up relationships with other student and scientific organisations on a national and international level.

LuxDoc is planning a number of cultural and social events to be organised throughout 2012.

LuxDoc, a social network and an opportunity for meeting new people

LuxDoc organises regular social get-togethers with the aim to offer its members opportunities to meet new people and stimulate networking and the exchange of ideas.

Who can become a member?

All interested PhD students and young researchers are warmly welcome to join LuxDoc.

Contact details

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.           (for general information regarding LuxDoc)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.        (for information about membership)                     (official website)

LuxDoc has no political affiliation, but we are still proud when one of our members achieves something great.

Today, one of LuxDoc's members, Régis Moes was voted new President of the Luxembourgish Youth Socialists.

Congratulations to you Régis, keep it going!

More information can be found on Tageblatt Link.

You may find the first newspaper article about LuxDoc asbl here.

It was published in the most read free newspaper in Luxembourg !