Eurodoc has released a paper on May 17th, 2012, detailing how and why Eurodoc defines Doctoral Candidates as professionals. This is the case already in Luxembourg, where doctoral candidates are both students and professionals, but many countries in Europe do not do so. This is therefor a very important aspect of the current and future situation in Luxembourg.

You can read the full paper as a PDF here.

LuxDoc wishes you a nice holiday and a happy Easter!
Here is to hoping that you will be able to spend it with your family and friends.

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In an attempt to promote (Luxembourgish) research on the European level, we recently sent, in collaboration with the Luxembourg University Students (LUS), 1 delegate to

Copenhagen for the 23rd European Students Convention, and in April we will send 1 delegate to Bucharest for the European training on financing higher education and the 62nd ESU Board meeting.

In addition, LuxDoc sent 1 delegate to Krakow for the General Assembly of the Eurodoc association. During that meeting, LuxDoc was admitted as a member in Eurodoc, meaning that we are now present on the European level.

Please check back on our Facebook and Website soon for summary articles of these conferences.

In an effort to streamline our activites, from now on new members will be able to register online through our brand new registration form.

You can register using the Menu "Join LuxDoc" on the left, or through this link.

On March 27th, the University of Luxembourg published an article about LuxDoc and our activites in the University of Luxembourg newsletter.

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