Join us Thursday 16 February at 6.45 pm at Utopolis Kirchberg to watch Martin Scorsese's Silence. The film is based on the book by the Japanese author Endo.

More info about the event:

In case you didn’t know, you don’t have to go far if you want to have fun while talking about science in good company, and also having a good local beer! This is happening in Luxembourg, most likely very close to where you work - in Belval. In a few weeks, LuxDoc is organising yet another ScienceCafe at Coppers Belval and you are invited.

Last time it happened it was on July 27th and it was awesome. We have had Claude Sinner, a Luxembourgish PhD student working in Karlsruhe, who in addition to his thesis on protein folding has launched an effort in citizen science to label butterflies. He told us about his project to gamify science education and to collect what humankind knows about a certain family of butterflies. We got to learn a new word: lepidopterologist. Do you know what it means?

ScienceCafe1 ScienceCafe2

If you wonder about the location, it was cosy, not too crowded, and they even had board games that we didn’t hesitate to test (after the question session, of course). The beer kept coming and so was the finger food. What better ambiance to discuss taxonomies,  validation of results, related work and other science points?

The next Science Cafe is going to happen soon. Why don’t you participate too, expand your network of contacts and maybe also your technical English?

Dear fellow researchers,

As you might have heard, the University of Luxembourg is running an external evaluation (see for instance, and

In this context, LuxDoc was asked to take the lead in coordinating the feedback from PhD candidates and junior researchers of the different research units. And that’s why we need your help.

In this link ( you’ll find questions that the University is seeking feedback for. Some may be out of scope for PhD candidates and junior researchers. Nevertheless, your feedback on all of these questions is highly valuable!

In this respect, LuxDoc is hosting a world café-type discussion night on Tuesday, March 29th at 19:00 during which we can exchange our ideas on the topics related to the University evaluation. The best part: refreshments are at LuxDoc's expenses!

The precise place will be communicated later, so be sure to check our emails!

Please register by replying to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Following the huge success of the LuxDoc Science Slam in the previous years, the fourth edition took place at Casino - Forum d’art contemporain on October 15, 2015.

Four (3+1) slammers used the platform offered to them in many innovative ways: Marcin Piekalkiewicz, Mafalda Galhardo & Georges Jentgen, as well as Romain Decet (our current LuxDoc president). All the slammers really embraced the idea of presenting their research in a fun and innovative way, without taking themselves to seriously.


From left to right: Isabelle Naegelen (LuxDoc secretary), Georges Jentgen, Mafalda Galhardo, Marcin Piekalkiewicz, Romain Decet (LuxDoc president), Laura Lakaff (moderation), Anne Reding (Casino)

In the end, it was Marcin Piekalkiewicz, PhD candidate in (happiness) economics at University of Siena (Italy), who landed the 1st prize by having the loudest applause from the audience.

The video can be found here

The event featured performances coming from contrasting scientific disciplines such as economics and biology. The fourth LuxDoc Science Slam proved once again, that research can be fun and entertaining and that meanwhile Luxembourg has its own growing community of scientists and researchers that not only can be considered as very important for the evaluation of the country, but as well are able to entertain an audience in only 10 minutes.

We thank Laura Lakaff for the moderation, the Casino as well as the FNR as without their generous support, this event would not have been possible.

We will see you in 2016 for our fifth edition!