On the 14th of June 2012 was the International World Blood Donor Day. The Luxembourgish Association of Blood Donors (Entente des Donneurs de Sang Bénévoles) together with LuxDoc organized an event in Luxembourg City. During this event, people were informed about the importance of donating blood and had their questions answered.

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Luckily on this day, the weather was great and the city was crowded. Many persons were receptive. Some of the LuxDox members together with members from the Luxembourgish Association of Blood Donors were running around in the city centre in fancy blood drop costumes. Many tourists took pictures of us and wanted to have a photo together. In addition, we distributed balloons to the kids.
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Altogether the event was a great success. Around 30 people registered as new blood donors. Some of them have already been blood donors in the country where they lived before. But there were also many young people that were excited about the possibility to save lives.

If you haven’t had the chance to come to the event and you would like to rescue lives, just go to the web page of the Luxembourgish Red Cross and register as new blood donor.
LuxDoc is proud to have been a part of this event and certainly giving back to the community felt great, especially since some of our members are using blood from the Red Cross routinely to perform their research activities.
Our first LuxDoc BBQ came to an end in rain. But we had sunshine and a great turnout!
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See you soon at one of our next events.
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The European Commission recently launched a large international study on the mobility patterns, career paths and working conditions of researchers (http://www.more-2.eu/).
A first survey focusing on the opinions of researchers currently associated to a European university was launched in June 2012.
This second survey looks beyond Europe and focuses on the international mobility of researchers to and from Europe and other places in the world. It targets both EU and non-EU researchers.
We would like to know about your views, needs and experiences with international mobility. Which countries have you worked in as a researcher? What factors have played a role in your decisions to move country? Have you previously worked in Europe and if so, how does this compare to other parts of the world? Have you considered carrying out future research in Europe?
Your responses will help the European Commission to develop better policies that should improve the mobility opportunities, career prospects and working conditions of researchers.
The questionnaire should take no more than 15-20 minutes to complete. It will remain open till September 15th.
Thank you in advance for your survey participation and feedback. All answers will be treated as strictly confidential and processed anonymously.
From Euraxxess
Dear Researchers,

Last March a Call for expression of interest for the "Voice of the Researchers" (VoR)
enabled the European Commission to select 25 candidates to start-up a group so that their voices can be heard directly. The Commission took the initiative to overcome a lack of direct communication with the primary level of research, i.e. the researchers themselves. A first brainstorming session identified several issues with a direct impact on both the research output as well as researchers themselves within Europe.

The VoR group met in Brussels on 23 March for a brainstorming session and, here, was asked to give its opinion on:
- The social recognition of researchers in Europe or the lack thereof;
- The career perspectives and barriers for researchers;
- The current reality of the common European Research Area (ERA).

The brainstorming session showed sometimes large differences between the conditions in the field and the aspirations of European and national policies. There is a need for an interface organization, the VoR, between the community of European Researchers and the professional organizations. The VoR wants to be a resource to different academic stakeholders and to the European Commission to complement and support their activities structuring the researcher’s careers. The VoR should be a bottom-up movement of researchers, collecting and channelling legitimate concerns to improve the life and working conditions of all European researchers. As such, the VoR remains entirely independent of the current stakeholders and needs as many supporters as possible. The European Commission acts only as a facilitator in this process.

Now it's your turn! That is why you are kindly invited to have a say on the issues discussed with the 25 and let your VoR colleagues know whether the selected issues are important to a much larger group of researchers across Europe too.

To this end, please go to: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FT7KNRZ and fill in the questionnaire, which will take no more than 5'.

Thank you in advance also for disseminating this information to your colleagues, friends and channels! Deadline: there is none but the questionnaire will automatically close once the 1000th response submitted.

Many thanks in advance!
The EURAXESS Portal team on behalf of the "Voice of the Researchers" group

Students discuss growing unemployment among young graduates

A member of LuxDoc joined the Luxembourg’s University Students (LUS) for the 23rd European Student Convention which took place from 17th to 19th March 2012 at the University of Copenhagen. This 23rd edition of the Convention was jointly organised by the European Student’s Union (ESU) and the Danish National Union of Students. Its focus was on the topic ”Getting Young Europe Out of the Crisis: eyes on higher education and employability of graduates”. One of LuxDoc’s members was invited by the LUS to act as a representative of Luxembourg’s PhD students. 
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Three panel discussions were organised on the following topics:

  • The influence of private economy on higher education
  • A glimpse at the potential of higher education: going beyond skills
  • European Higher Education: Area of (UN)Employability?

Cop 1The Convention was launched with an opening speech by Morten Østergaard, the Danish Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education of Danemark. Speakers from different European institutions with educational purposes contributed to the panel discussions. Luxembourg was represented by Germain Dondelinger from the Ministry of Education.

A series of parallel workshops dealt with the topics of graduates’ employability and students mobility (i.e. Erasmus for all, Youth employability, etc.). The aim of these workshops was to collect recommendations on “how to overcome the difficulties young graduates are faced with when finding a job”. The recommendations of the “Copenhagen declaration” will becommunicated to the national governments. The list of recommendations is published on the ESU website (http://www.esu-online.org/news/article/6001/European-students-formulate-10-recommendations-to-get-young-people-out-of-the-job-crisis/)

LuxDoc’s delegate also enjoyed the more informal social activities and was able to engage in many insightfuldiscussions on the national students unions work, management and organisation.

Marie-Line Glaesener for LuxDoc