Annual General Meeting (AGM)

LuxDoc was represented by three of its members Fabian Faller, Hella Faller and Aravind Tallam in EURODOC 2014 Annual General Meeting held in Budapest, Hungary, from March 28th & 29th 2014. The event was jointly organised by eurodoc (The European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers) and DOSZ, the association of Hungarian PhD and DLA students.


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EURODOC - Annual General Meeting

The AGM started with the welcome speech by Prof. E. Sylvester Vizi, the former President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and President of the Society for Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge. He delivered a motivational talk, addressing all the young researchers to focus on knowledge and information revolution and wished all of us great success in our lives. Mr. Slobodan Radicev (the president of Eurodoc) then introduced Eurodoc to the delegates of member associations.

The meeting continued with yearly activity reports of 2013-2014 from the president and treasurer. All the reports have been accepted by voting from member associations. There were 4 parallel workshops held by work group co-ordinators to disseminate the yearly progress to those who were interested in. The association from Romania presented their proposal to host the next AGM in Cluj-Napoca. The major part of the second day was the election of the new board for 2014-2015.


The new elected body for 2014-2015 is:

  1. John Peacock (Focus research, Belgium) – President.

  2. Filomena Prada (ABIC, Portugal) – Vice-president.

  3. Anna Tschaut (Thesis, Germany) – Secretary.

  4. Fabian Faller (LuxDoc, Luxembourg) – Treasurer.

  5. Kristina Ferkovic (Young Scientists Network MLAZ, Kroatia) – General board member.

  6. Margaux Kerrschot (Focus research, Belgium) – General board member.

  7. Wolfgang Müller (, Austria) - General board member.

The elections were continued for the coordinators of different working groups of eurodoc and the secretariat co-coordinator. Many issues were raised by member associations and were thoroughly discussed. The delegates then decided, which issues would serve as the key priorities for the new board to work on. The AGM decided on the following two main strategic objectives:


  1. Constant lobbying for proper pay to PhD candidates for work they are doing in research;
  2. Focus on the interests of the member organisations.

Participating at this event and becoming active in the organization of Eurodoc shows the commitment of LuxDoc to be involved on European level, at the heart of where it matters.


We thank the University of Luxembourg, through the office of the Vice Rectorate for Research for their financial support, which allows us to participate at the yearly AGM events of eurodoc.


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