With the success of last year's event, LuxDoc again joined hands with Entente des Associations de Donneurs de Sang Bénévoles (The Luxembourgish Association of Blood Donors) to promote the blood donation campaign on the International Blood Donor Day which was on 14th of June 2013. This year the association wished to enter the Guinness Book of Records by setting up a mosaic wall of 14.000 magnets. The event was held at Place Guillaume II (Knuedler) in town. Campaign booth was setup to inform people about the importance of donating blood and also to answer their questions.
LuxDoc members, 2 teams of 5 in 2 different shifts, joined with members of the Luxembourgish Association of Blood Donors to build the magnetic wall starting from 9 AM till 5PM. LuxDoc members were also running around the city centre, tourist attractions in fancy blood drop costumes to distribute flyers (and balloons to kids) and to pull the crowd to the event venue. We also attracted many tourists  who took pictures with us J.

In the evening, representatives of Luxembourg parliament, Miss Luxembourg, Miss & Mr. Portugal graced the event positioning the final magnets to finish the wall. Altogether, the event turned out as a great success which was celebrated with a ceremony, serving cake and refreshments, at the end. Adding to this, there were quite a number of people who registered themselves as new blood donors satisfying the ultimate purpose. If you haven’t had the chance to come to the event and you would like to rescue lives, just go to the web page of the Luxembourgish Red Cross and register as a new blood donor. It's never late now and its always better late than never!!
LuxDoc is proud to be a part of this exciting event contributing ourselves a helping hand for making a better society. We also take the chance to show our gratitude to the Red Cross as some of our members use blood from the Red Cross for their research activities.

Please consider supporting our efforts.